1 January 2018

Hello and Welcome

This page is designed for the use of my students. There are teaching and reading materials which I hope they could be useful for your study. 

Please keep checking on this page for the latest announcement (in the columns of your right, with the title "INFOZONE". I hope you enjoy learning from my classes. 

My Teaching Philosophy 

To me, learning is motivating and fun. Learning should not be confined in classroom within four walls. It is not only about knowledge acquisition, but also involves interpersonal growth. Since learning is never being geographically confined, a learning process could be anytime, anywhere and from anyone you meet.

About Me

I obtained my first degree-Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) as well as my master degree-Master of Technology Management from Faculty of Management

I spent four-year time working in one of the Malaysian Best Managed Companies, YTL Corporation Bhd under one of the divisions-YTL Cement Bhd

Hence, I understand what the engineers are going to say to me, as well as what are the expectations from the organisation which I am working at. 

In 2007, I obtained the scholarship (funded by the Minister of Higher Education) and went for further study in the University of Edinburgh Scotland The University of Edinburgh is one of the world best universities, ranked 23rd in 2018 based on the QS World University Ranking and ranked 27th in the world based on the Times Higher Education

I have enjoyed myself when I was studying in Edinburgh, learning from the best and be the best for myself. In January 2011, I returned from my study and start working in Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). I obtained my PhD on 26 June2012

My Research Interests 

Source: http://greenplanetethics.com

I am passionate to conduct green field research projects centralised within my primary research interests:

(a) Renewable Energy Development and Deployment; 
(b) Clean Technology Innovation and Introduction
(c) Green and Sustainability Practices
(d) Human Technology Innovation and Introduction
(e) Blue Technology Innovation and Management

all of them are angled from social science and management perspectives. If you are interested at any field within my primary or secondary research interests, let’s have a fruitful discussion. I am happy to hear from you.

Supervision for Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Joint Industrial Supervision (Doctorate) and PhD

I am available to be the main/principal supervisor in supervising students who have great academic quality and great attitude. This is because the renewables, clean techs, green and sustainability practices, and human techs are green fields which are challenging academically. Besides, I would expect you have the similar interest of my primary research interests in order to make sure we can work seamlessly. I am not working for the quantity of supervision, but the quality of the supervision. I am looking for those who I can work with. If you up for it, then write to me to have this discussed further. 

My weaknesses: 
-High demanding on the quality of your academic work
-High expectation and emphasis on your good personal quality 
-Some degree of perfectionist and definitely meticulous on academic work 

My strengths: 
-Firm and decisive
-Genuine and honest
-Highly effective and hardworking
-Well-planner, early doer (as I cannot work last minute)
-Responsive (in communication) and quick to make decision.

 Source: www.forbes.com
I believe most of my work could be put under the sun. To be excellent academically, I believe in hardworking and great attitude. I am not a loud person. I am polite, yet I am firm. I do not work to be popular among my colleagues or students. I am working professionally to contribute to the success of my student, my department and my university (as whole). I am a man of principles.     

Sharing from heart to heart 

I am a hardworking lecturer, and I do expect the same from my students. I dislike unreasonable excuses, or students who take advantage on others without contributing to the success of group effort and individual learning process. I cannot accept unreasonable excuses. The bottom line is, I was a student before, and I witnessed how some bad attitudes have caused many potential candidates, ended up with unnecessary added challenges in both their career and private life. There is no shortcut in getting successful in life. Working hard and working sincerely would make you outshine others. 

You are fortunate to have such opportunity studying at one of the public universities like UTeM. Think about those who do not have such opportunity, and those who thirst for a qualification which can ensure a secured career prospect and better future. Think about the day when your parents, friends and families, whom love and care about you…they will be there to attend your graduation. That is the ultimate objective of your study in a university. Thus, do not fail yourself, and do not fail those who care and love you. 

During the period of this time, it is not only the knowledge that you are acquiring (which leads to the degree awarded). The university is also a great place to mould your own strengths and positive personality, so that you are being refined to be a better person, for your future career, as well as for your private life. You could only to name yourself as a University student, if you have knowledge, skills as well as positive personal qualities to be outstanding. Carry your title well: Bachelor Degree, Master Degree or your PhD degree. Reflect that through the quality of yourself and the performance of your work which you are going to produce. Gain the respect. 

 Source: https://dailygodot.wordpress.com

I believe, no matter who you are, what background you are from, honesty and hardworking will bring you very far and to the successful destination you want to go. Do not worry about the difficulties of the subject(s) which I am going to teach. I always open my door to welcome you; and within my capacity, I hope I can be resourceful and helpful for your study. I can be reached through my email, and I use to be on the class facebook group for further discussion and sharing. Just invite me into your class facebook group. I will be there for the entire semester to provide extra help, additional information etc.

Contact Me 

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I welcome my students to meet me anytime during the office hour. However, I prefer an appointment could be arranged in advance (at least two days before), to ensure an adequate preparation could be made which could lead to a fruitful discussion. 

My room is located at the 3rd floor of the Faculty of Technology Management and Technopreneurship (FPTT) Block C. Do refer the administrative staff at the ground floor if you do not know where am I located. I could be reached through my email bcchew@utem.edu.my as well as my office contact number 062833261

To pencil an appointment, kindly drop me an email. Please state the date, time and estimated duration which you wish the appointment to be set, as well as what is the topic(s) you want to discuss with me. This would let me to have myself adequately prepared. I shall reply to you soon. 

Alternatively, my full address is:

Associate Professor Dr. Boon Cheong Chew  (B.C.Chew)
Faculty of Technology Management and Technopreneurship (FPTT)
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)
Hang Tuah Jaya
76100 Durian Tunggal
Melaka, Malaysia

Advice to you as my student

I am friendly, I am kind. I care about my students. Yet, I am firm and demanding on the high quality of your academic work, as well as your personal quality. I like person who is hardworking, genuine and honest. I expect you to give me "only the best quality of work you can produce". I dislike low quality work which will take much of my time in reading. I cannot work with excuse makers, selfish and lazy people. I am not a last minute doer. I cannot accept unnecessary rework, or endless edit/corrections. Understand me, it makes things easier. 

Again, I always believe, many works of mine could be put under the sun. Let's be honest, genuine and sincere.  

I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I trust you. Ask around your seniors (who have been my students before), I practice merit based reward system.